About Me



I'm a self taught artist and I have been painting abstract art since 2015.   I live in San Diego, CA.  I  became interested in abstract painting by accident  during a difficult time in my life.  Art saved me and  gave me purpose.   I strongly believe  that fine original artwork can be affordable for all people.  This is a  newly  found talent of mine that is here to stay and I really hope you enjoy it.   Thank you for stopping by!  Love and light,

Lisa Bojorquez


My Medium

I paint my abstract paintings in acrylic medium.  I like working with acrylics because the quick drying time supports my next idea that I want to express.  My process is channeled through my emotions as they come and go and I like to capture how I feel in the moment.  Each emotion is captured in each individual piece.


My Inspiration

 My inspiration comes from  both my love and pain in day to day life.    I am passionate about my creative process where I try  to purely follow my intuition and emotion.  I like to practice between contrasts of  light and dark as well  as motion and depth.